Monday, October 12, 2015

Key Revealed officially up on Kindle!

Happy Thanksgiving

It is funny how a year can pass so quickly. Halloween seems to be when I get a chance to sit down and update life.

Book 2 is still in the works, seems like I am so close yet still so far away. I was sitting yesterday, my mind off in space placing characters, when Key Revealed was brought back into the light. I put Key Revealed up on Wattpad, slowly formatting it for Kindle. By slowly I mean SSSLLLOOOWWLY.. ;-)
I decided that was it, I was going to get it done and upload it. I am pleased to inform that I actually did what I set out to do. Key Revealed is officially on Kindle as of this morning. I had contemplated Key Revealed's publishing format for some time, never sure what to do. Like everyone else who writes a novel, I sent off Query letters and patiently waited for replies. I understand that the world works differently than it used to but I figured I would give it a go. Sadly no luck, but honetly I knew I had a slim chance of hitting the literary agent jackpot.

It feels good having Key Revealed up, an accomplishment of sorts. I realize advertising will be the next priority. I will tackle that one hurdle at a time. As per usual, I like playing around with title pages. I made up another new one, take a peek.

As for life not involving writing, school has returned. Over the past years being a stay at home mom has been wonderful. I feel priveleged knowing I was lucky enough to be involved with the kids while they were small. They are not so small now, and I have found I need something of my own. Yes, I have my writing, but I need to feel somewhat accomplished. Of course my dream would be to have my book become crazy popular and be lucky enough to write as a full time job but that is just not the reality of life. Over the past 7 years I have slowly taken night classes as University, attempting to keep the brain fresh. I now have my legal office administration and 2 years of city developement courses. I did research looking for a way to combine what I had taken and found what would fall into place perfectly. I have always loved architecture and design as I am sure you can see by reading my books. Why not take that love and make a career out of it. Well, that is exactly what I plan on doing. Architectural drafting it is. I am 2 months in and yes, it is difficult but I am plugging away and love it. I can tell you one thing, I have a whole new respect for Architects of the day. We are lucky enough to have Autocad, a computer program for making plans but back in the day everything had to be done by hand. At the beginning of the program we spent a month working on the board, getting a feeling for drafting old style. The time difference in working by hand vs. computer is insane.

So as you can see, life trickles on. The kids keep me running around like crazy. My daughters afterschool activity lineup is, well, busy.

Ohh, something special. My son has found a new love. For my daughter it is easy, she kinda fits in with whatever she does but the little man has a harder time placing himself. Last year at school he was lucky enough to be in a class where he has a musically inclined teacher and he learned the Ukulele. He loved it, and a light came on. We are not a musical family so he was never introduced to it at home. I am so happy to share that he is now taking Guitar lessons and loving it. It makes my heart skip a beat seeing him so happy.

Have a good night, talk to you soon.


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